Unique Integrated Approach
Off-Site Effects Analysis & Effective Emergency Planning
Realistic Hazard Zones within a range of 1 - 20Km
Complies with EC SEVESO Directives(r) & CAA 112(r)

1. Introduction top

SEVEX View™ is based on state-of-the-art modelling tools such as :
  • Leakage rate, jet, rainout, pool evaporation, heavy dispersion,
  • Complex terrein - topography and land use
  • 3D meteorology & 3D passive dispersion,
  • [U/C]VCE & BLEVE
  • Explosives
The danger zones calculated by SEVEX View™ take into account toxic, radiation & overpressure effects.

2. Historical backgroundtop

SEVEX view™ integrates the knowledge of an integrated team of competence :
  • Walloon Government of Belgium - Ministry of Environment - DGRNE/DPPGSS
    Development Coordination
  • Faculté Polytechnique de Mons (FPMs)
  • Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL)
  • Université de Liège (Ulg)
  • Solvay SA
    SEVEX - Interface Prototype Implementation

ATM-PRO, Spin off of Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium, specialised in Environmental consulting & Software Development, develops the PC windows version of SEVEX and SEVEX view™ in collaboration with Lakes Environmental. ATM-PRO is the owner of exclusive licence rights on SEVEX

sevex2 sevex3

3. Key Features of SEVEX top

  • Developped to comply with the EC SEVESO directives as well as the US - CAA 112(r) - Regulation
  • Unique 3D meteorological and dispersion modelling capabilities
  • Conservative Assumption & Uncertainties Management
  • INTEGRATED Approach from HAZARD identification to practical MAPPING for emergency PLANNERS & RESPONDERS
  • Increased Efficiency of Planning & Response Teams
  • Tested & Validated Extensively

4. Sevex approachtop

SEVEX view™produces a set of Ready-to-Use Maps for Emergency Planners & Responders.
SEVEX Atlas™ provides the most Effective Real Time Response Tool showing in seconds Realistic Danger Zones.



5. Methodology top

SEVEX view™ is the Integrated Software to be used for your emergency response PLANNING preparedness. Assuming conservative assumptions, but using state-of-the-art modelling tools SEVEX View™ increases your efficiency to produce realistic & ready-to-use risk zones mapping.

5.1. Need for emergency planning

SEVEX View™ helps you to be prepared IN ADVANCE to the emergencies

Technical Reasons for Anticipating Events

  • In case of Accident, data on the source term are not available
  • Assessing what could have happened & how much has escaped takes very long time
  • Deciding what is the best to do takes very long time too

Psychological Reasons to Anticipate Event

  • Without a plan :
    Authorities cannot warn the public without giving evidence of their ignorance,
    Risk of panic,
    The operators will not dare to warn the authorities,
    Everybody is ashamed & disconcerted
  • With a plan :
    Authorities know what to do and what to say,
    Public can be warned and protected in advance,
    The operators trust the authorities and dare to warn them,
    Everybody may be proud & self-confident.

sevex7 sevex8

5.2 Need for Risk AREAS

The acceptable risk CONCEPT. The risk is acceptable if there is a possibility of avoiding damages by shortening the exposure to adverse effects. Unacceptable if shortening is impossible

The acceptable risk THRESHOLD must be the SAME for Any adult, healthy and warned person, a rescuer or a policeman. Rescuer/policeman should NOT be VICTIMS. They have to FEEL SAFE to make their job. Emergency plan cannot be drawn without insurance of SAFE OPERATING

The command post qualities :

  • Good Telecommunications
  • Easy Access
  • Enough Rooms
  • Safe Place
  • Close to the Disaster

Quality requirements for the information :

  • Unambiguous
  • Ready- to-Use for the Stakeholders
  • Reliable
  • The LIMITS of the DANGER Zones are the LIMITS for Changing BEHAVIOUR

No Danger Refrain from Modifying one's Behaviour
Low Risk of Health Damage Shelter or Expose Cautiously
High Risk of Health Damage outsite Buildings Shelter in Buildings & Avoid Entering the Danger Zone
High Risk in the Buildings Evacuate to Safer Places

sevex9 sevex10


SEVEX View™ uses CONSERVATIVE assumptions to indentify WORST danger zones
Restriction of Insulation Perimeter Enough Distance from Harmful Effects
Immediate Decisions Consequences Assessment
Unanimous Approval Checking Assumptions
Fully Detailed, Accurate and Steady Instructions Consider Uncertainties about Source Term & Weather Conditions
Breach section in a pipe Pipe Section
Mass Release from a Vessel Whole Vessel Contents
Weather Conditions (Day Time) Overcast Sky
Weather Conditions (Night Time) Clear Sky
Wind Speed (Cont. release) Lowest Limit of Model Validity
sevex11 sevex12

5.4 Need for a NEW APPROACH

SEVEX View™ estimates REALISTIC danger zones and increases your EFFICIENCY.

With LIMITED ressources, FOCUS on the problem and SAVE TIME, LIVES & MONEY

The existing Solutions (Real Time or Planning) :

  • Do NOT Simulate Realistically the Effects of Topography and Land Use on Pollutant Dispersion which Leads to a too Pessimistic or Misleading Assessment of Risks Zones.
  • Do not Allow Practical and Effective Usage in Emergency Situations

The main drawbacks of existing Solutions are :

  • Overestimation or Inaccurate Assessment of Risks Zones with negative impacts on :
    Effectiveness of Rescue Teams
    Loss of Lives (Public & Rescuer)
    Public Opinion
    Protection and Process Costs


6. Technical summary top

To have more technical information about SEVEX View™ please consult the Technical summary.


Product of ATM-PRO sprl & Lakes Environmental Software Inc.