ATM-PRO aims to be the "EUROPEAN-LEADER" in environmental software development.

Specialized in AIR POLLUTION, ATM-PRO builds up efficient and user-friendly TOOLS for decision makers within the industries, consulting groups and authorities.

Environmental Consulting top

Sample of applications performed by ATM-PRO are :

  • Impact study of air induced by the emissions of an incinerator located in Walloon Region (Belgium),
  • Atmospheric circulation in Alpine Valley (Bolzano) during high pollution episodes (Italy),
  • Impact study of odour's dispersion around a landfill in Walloon region (Belgium),
  • Impact study of ofour's dispersion around a roasting factory (France),
  • Survey of potential olfactory impacts of odours emitted by a landfill (Belgium),
  • Wind potential estimates for the installation of a wind turbine in Walloon region (Belgium),
  • Hazard zone estimates in case of major chemical accidents in order to build up emergency planning (France),
  • Impacts of the topography modification on atmospheric dispersion of odours emitted by a landfill (Belgium),
  • Benzene dispersion around a landfill (Belgium),
  • Impacts and nuisances linked to salt deposits around a sea-salt cooling tower (Jubail),
  • Danger zone estimates in case of an Ammonia tank rupture (Ireland),
  • Impacts and hazards linked to the implementation of an incinerator inside a SEVESO establishment (Belgium),
  • Scientific and technical evaluation of a software designed for emergency planning (Belgium),
  • Analysis and industrial site classification in the framework of the SEVESO legislation and notification requirements (Belgium),
  • Sensitivity studies about the threshold values to be used to define the hazard zones linked to major chemical accidents (Belgium)

Environmental Software top

Tailored software developed by ATM-PRO concern :

  • Visualisation of global climatic models (UCL1 , BE),
  • PRE - and POST - processing for meteorological models (CCE-JRC2 , IT),
  • Improvement of a "meso"-meteorological model (CCE-JRC , IT),
  • Quality control of Belgian climatological network observations (IRMB3 , BE),
  • Local wind study at the "meso-g" scale in order build up wind roses, accounting for topography and land use effects on the atmosphere, to be used for land use planning in the framework of the SEVESO directive implementation (Ministry of Walloon Region, DPA, Belgium)
  1. UCL : Université Catholique de Louvain
  2. CCE-CCR : Commission of the European Community - Joint Research Centre(Ispra, IT)
  3. IRMB : Institut Royal Météorologique de Belgique

Research And Development top

In order to maintain the top scientific level of its software, ATM-PRO developed an international network of collaboration with research centres and universities : Université Catholique de Louvain (Louvain-la-Neuve , BE), Faculté Polytechnique de Mons(Mons, BE), Université de Liège (Liège, BE), Vlaamse Instelling voor Technologische Onderzoek (VITO) (Mol, BE), Centre de Recherche de la Commission Européenne (Ispra, IT), CIEMAT (Madrid, ES), Université d'Aveiro(Aveiro, PT), State University of San José(San Francisco, USA), Université de Sao Paolo(Sao Paolo, BR), Université Joseph Fourrier(Grenoble, FR).

This technological survey is complementary to specialised conference and trade shows where ATM-PRO takes part.

ATM-PRO has managed the ACADEMIC TVM CENTER during 4 years (1996-1999). This put together scientific instates using similar meteorological models. The aim of the meetings is to share experiences and knowledge in order to improve our understanding of atmospheric processes.